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Useful links

Useful linksHere are some links to additional resources to help you with your advertising campaigns. These are regularly reviewed but are by no means exhaustive. Please contact the CopyAdvice team with any specific requests for further information or guidance.

Regulators, statutory bodies and government departments

Advertising Standards Authority
The ASA regulates the content of advertisements, sales promotions and direct marketing in the UK. We make sure standards are kept high by applying the advertising standards codes.

Clearcast, previously the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre, operates the clearance system for television commercials before they are screened.

Dept for Business, Innovation & Skills
The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is committed to building Britain's future economic strengths. Its mission is building a dynamic and competitive UK economy by: creating the conditions for business success; promoting innovation, enterprise and science; and giving everyone the skills and opportunities to succeed. 

Financial Conduct Authority
The FCA regulate the financial services industry in the UK. Their aim is to protect consumers, ensure the industry remains stable and promote healthy competition between financial services providers. 

Food Standards Agency
The Food Standards Agency is an independent Government department set up by an Act of Parliament in 2000 to protect the public's health and consumer interests in relation to food.

Information Commissioner
The Information Commissioner's Office is an independent supervisory body responsible for enforcing the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act. It has a range of duties including the promotion of good information handling and the encouragement of codes of practice for data controllers, that is, anyone who decides how and why personal data, (information about identifiable, living individuals) are processed. 

Intellectual Property Office
The IPO can help you get the right type of protection for your creation or invention. Intellectual Property (IP) is created when an idea takes some tangible form. IP can mean a brand, invention, design or other kind of creation and it can be legally owned.

Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services
LACORS is the local government central body responsible for overseeing local authority regulatory and related services in the UK. Regulatory services is the name given to a group of services which exist to protect the public. LACORS coordinates the regulatory services delivered by local government. These range from protecting consumers against illegal door stop selling to checking hygiene standards in restaurants and food factories.

Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority 
MHRA is the Executive Agency of the Department of Health protecting and promoting public health and patient safety by ensuring that medicines, healthcare products and medical equipment meet appropriate standards of safety, quality, performance and effectiveness and are used safely. Replaces the Medicines Control Agency and Medical Devices Agency.

The regulator for the UK broadcast and telecommunications industry.

PhonepayPlus is the organisation that regulates phone-paid services in the UK - the services and goods that can be bought by charging the cost to a mobile phone bill and pre-pay accounts. These include helplines, competitions, downloads, TV voting, news alerts, charitable donations and interactive games.

Portman Group
The Portman Group is supported by the UK's leading drinks producers. Their concern is solely with the social responsibility issues surrounding alcohol.

Press Complaints Commission
The PCC is an independent organisation which deals with complaints from members of the public about the editorial content of newspapers and magazines.

Radiocentre is the commercial radio's advertising clearance body and is funded by the commercial radio stations. Radiocentre clears radio advertisements and sponsorship credits to provide easy use of an otherwise complex medium for both advertisers and agencies.
Website: E-mail:

Vehicle Certification Agency
The VCA is an Executive Agency of the United Kingdom Department for Transport and the United Kingdom's national approval authority for new road vehicles, agricultural tractors and off-road vehicles. Our status allows close links with the UK Government and European policy formulation and enforcement of vehicle safety and environmental standards. We bring the authority and back-up of Government, but with the freedom to react to your changing needs.

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Internet organisations

Internet Advertising Bureau 
IAB unifies members of the on-line advertising community to foster the growth and effectiveness of the industry. It suppports ecommerce, interactive advertising and online marketing by establishing standards for the industry, developing innovative research projects and keeping members informed of developments in the sector.

Internet Service Providers Association 
ISPA represents Internet Services Providers in the UK and promotes the interests of the UK Internet industry.

The Internet Watch Foundation 
IWF is an independent body which is funded by the UK Internet industry to assist in the regulation of content, particularly child pornography.

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Other organisations

Advertising Archives 
The Advertising Archives is a specialist picture library with over one million examples of British and American press ads, TV stills, posters, and other cultural ephemera from 1850 to the present day

Advertising Association 
The AA is the umbrella group representing agencies, advertisers and the media. It provides information including statistics and lobbies on major advertising issues. Its aim is to promote and protect the advertising business.

Advertising Standards Board of Finance
asbof collects and distributes the levy on non-broadcast advertising and direct mail that funds the ASA's non-broadcast work as well as the Mailing Preference Service.

Broadcast Advertising Standards Board of Finance
basbof collects and distributes the levy on broadcast advertising that funds the ASA's broadcast work.

Business Link
Business Link is an easy to use business support, advice and information service managed by the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) aimed at small to medium sized companies. It includes information on how SMEs can market themselves and advertise along with the rules and regulations they need to follow. Business Link guide to advertising and marketing

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
CIM is the world’s leading professional marketing body with some 40,000 members worldwide. It exists to develop the marketing profession, maintain professional standards and improve the skills of marketing practitioners by providing thought leadership and career support as well as qualifications and training to marketing professionals and businesses around the world.

Children's Ethical Communications Kit
Check is a practical toolkit for anyone whose business involves marketing and communicating to children.

Cinema Advertising Association
Trade association of cinema advertising contractors operating in the UK and Eire. Its main functions are to promote, monitor and maintain standards of cinema advertising exhibition as well as commission and co-ordinate research into cinema as an advertising medium.  Telephone:020 7534 6363

Cosmetics Toiletry and Perfumery Association
The CTPA represents cosmetic and personal care companies of all sizes involved in sourcing of ingredients, manufacturing, packaging, labelling and distribution, and provides its members with scientific and technical advice. CTPA has written a Guide to Advertising Claims to help advertisers understand more clearly the framework in which cosmetic claims appear and the way in which cosmetic claims may be classified. This work has been a joint endeavour involving the CTPA, the ASA and Clearcast.

Data Publishers Association
Represents the best interests of members by raising the stature of the direct marketing industry and giving the consumer trust and confidence in direct marketing. Aims: promoting the image of direct marketing; lobbying; improving standards through codes.

Direct Selling Association
DSA is the trade association for direct selling companies.

Electronic Retailing Association
The European division of the Electronic Retailing Association, serving direct-to-consumer and distance retailers, who sell through TV, internet and radio.

Fax Preference Service
The FPS is available to businesses and individuals to register fax numbers on which they do not wish to receive fax marketing messages.

International Advertising Association 
The IAA is a worldwide business association for all individuals and enterprises involved in the branding process. A global advocate for the freedom of commercial speech, the IAA represents 4300 members in 95 countries. The UK is one of the largest and most active Chapters.

Internet Advertising Bureau
IAB unifies members of the online advertising community to foster the growth and effectiveness of the industry. It suppports ecommerce, interactive advertising and online marketing by establishing standards for the industry, developing innovative research projects and keeping members informed of developments in the sector.

Institute of Direct Marketing
Founded in 1987, IDM is Europe's foremost professional development body for interactive and direct marketing. The Institute is a non-profit organisation, and educational trust and a registered charity.

Institute of Practitioners in Advertising 
The industry body and professional institute of UK advertising agencies, the IPA acts as spokesman for its members, representing them on issues of common concern and speaking on their behalf in negotiations with media bodies, government departments and Unions and media owners.

Incorporated Society of British Advertisers 
ISBA represents £6.5 billion of marketing communications spend and is the single body, within the UK, to represent advertisers' interests across all marketing communication disciplines. Founded almost 100 years ago, ISBA's fundamental remit is vigorous.

Institute of Promotional Marketing 
The IPM is dedicated to protecting and promoting the promotional marketing industry. Members are promoters, promotional marketing agencies and companies in the marketing services sector.

Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys
The ITMA was established in 1934 as the professional body representing those persons qualified to act for the owners of trade mark and allied intellectual property rights (in particular, registered designs) both nationally and internationally. It now represents the vast majority of UK registered trade mark agents and all UK Trade Mark & Design Litigators.

Mail Order Traders Association 
MOTA's members are mainly large mail order catalogue companies. It represents the interests of its members both in the UK and Europe, advises third parties generally regarding the home shopping trade and also supervises and implements its own Code of Practice.
Telephone: 01704 563 787

Mailing Preference Service
MPS is a free service which enables consumers to register their wish not to receive unsolicited direct mail. Registering with the MPS will stop most unsolicited addressed mail, it will not stop mail from organisations with whom consumers have done business in the past.

Newspaper Society
The voice of Britain's regional and local newspapers. Activities: marketing and lobbying, including safeguarding members' legal and commercial interests. Provides legal and advertising control advice for members.

Newspaper Marketing Agency
The NMA is an independent body set up by the national newspapers to represent them to advertisers and their agencies.

Newspaper Publishers Association
The NPA is the trade association for British national daily and Sunday newspapers and the Evening Standard. It aims to promote and protect national press interests. Activities include: monitoring and lobbying activities on UK and European legislation affecting the newspaper industry, labour relations and management services, training and management development.  Telephone: 020 7928 6928

Outdoor Advertising Association 
The OAA's aim is to provide a central reference point for enabling the outdoor industry to be perceived as responsible, confident and enthusiastic. By advancing and protecting the interests of Council Members to enhance an image which is professional and pro-active.

Proprietary Association of Great Britain
PAGB represents the manufacturers of non-prescription medicines and food supplements which are available to the public for sale over the counter in pharmacies and other retail outlets.
Telephone: 020 7242 8331

Periodical Publishers Association
PPA works to promote and protect the interests of the magazine publishing industry. Members: UK magazine publishing houses of consumer, business and consumer specialist magazines.

The Radio Centre
The role of RadioCentre is to maintain and build a strong and successful Commercial Radio industry — both in terms of listening hours and revenues. As such, RadioCentre operates in a number of areas including working with advertisers and their agencies, working with government, Ofcom and policy makers, and also stations themselves.

Royal Mail 
Royal Mail fully supports the aims and objectives of the Advertising Standards Authority and the Committee of Advertising Practice and compliance with the British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion.If you would like to find out more about Royal Mail and the services offered please visit Royal Mail's website.

Satellite and Cable Broadcasters’ Group
The SCBG is the trade association for satellite and cable programme providers. Its members air more than 100 channels in the UK and in addition broadcast many more services from the UK to continental Europe and beyond.

Scottish Daily Newspaper Society 
Represents six publishing houses of Scottish daily and Sunday newspapers. Activities: lobbying, press freedom, editorial, advertising and circulation issues.
Telephone:0131 220 4353

Scottish Newspaper Publishers Association
The SNPA represents the weekly newspaper industry in Scotland. Activities: lobbying, press freedom, advertising issues, newsprint purchase, industrial relations, education and training matters.


Telephone Preference Service
The TPS helps individuals to make sure their telephone numbers are no longer available to organisations who may telephone with offers and information they do not wish to receive. Certain businesses such as limited companies can register with the Corporate Telephone Preference Service.

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