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CAP Gambling Review

29 April 2014

CAP has announced that it is reviewing the latest evidence underpinning the gambling rules to ensure that consumers continue to be properly protected.

Following the implementation of the Gambling Act in 2007, the public now sees more gambling advertising than it had done previously. The Act removed restrictions that had previously prohibited most betting and gaming services from advertising.

As the amount of ads has increased, so has the number of complaints to the ASA.   Moreover, as technology evolves, consumers are accessing gambling products in new and different ways such as online and via mobile devices.  

In this context, we believe it is timely to launch a review. 

You can access the review’s full Terms of Reference here.  

Alongside our work, the ASA is reviewing its enforcement of the gambling rules, more details of which are here

CAP is liaising closely with key stakeholders to make sure that the most appropriate evidence is included in the review. At this stage we are not calling for submissions of evidence or views. 

We’re also publishing our letter to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, updating them on our review plans, as well as to the Gambling Commission.

For more information on the gambling advertising rules administered by the ASA, see its Gambling Advertising Hot Topic

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