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CAP Consultation: food and soft drink advertising to children

Following a full public consultation, we are announcing tough new rules banning the advertising of high fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) food or drink products in children’s media. The rules will apply across all non-broadcast media including in print, cinema and, crucially, online and in social media.

The rules, which will apply in media targeted at under-16s, will come into effect on 1 July 2017.

In summary:

  • Ads that directly or indirectly promote an HFSS product cannot appear in children’s media
  • Ads for HFSS products cannot appear in other media where children make up over 25% of the audience
  • Ads for HFSS products will not be allowed to use promotions, licensed characters and celebrities popular with children; advertisers may now use those techniques to better promote healthier options

The Department of Health nutrient profiling model will be used to classify which products are HFSS.



CAP’s Regulatory Statement                         

Annex A – New brand guidance                                            
Annex B – List of respondents to the consultation                  
Annex C – Mark-up of the changes to the existing guidance

The following links are to CAP's evaluation tables. The tables support the narrative evaluations for each question in the Regulatory Statement. They also summarise all significant points made by respondents.

Question 1a                
Question 1b                
Question 2                  
Question 3                  
Question 4a                
Question 4b                
Question 5                  
Question 6                   
Other responses        

The following documents include the full responses received:

Responses A-B           
Responses C-F           
Responses H-M          
Responses N-P           
Responses R-Z          


The consultation document and associated annexes are available below:

CAP food consultation (PDF)

Annex 1 (PDF)

Annex 2 (PDF)

Annex 3 (PDF)

Annex 4 (PDF)

Annex 5 (PDF)

Annex 6 (PDF)

Annex 7 (PDF)

Annex 8 (PDF)

Annex 9 (PDF)

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