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Twitter policy

The CAP Twitter account @CAP_UK is managed by the Advertising Policy and Practice teams – Copy Advice, Compliance and Code Policy – on behalf of the Committees.

If you follow us you can expect around 5-10 tweets a week covering the following topics:

• CAP news, including press releases, research and reports
• Top tips for advertisers, alerts to updated guidance and resources
• Our broader work including responses to consultations, policy changes, events, help and training for industry
• Recruitment – vacancies and appointments

Following us  
If you follow us on Twitter we will not automatically follow you back. This is to save our resources in handling spam. However, being followed back by CAP does not imply endorsement of any kind.

CAP will update its Twitter account during office hours from Mon-Fri and occasionally on weekends. Twitter may occasionally be unavailable and CAP accepts no responsibility for lack of service due to Twitter downtime.

@replies and Direct Messages

We welcome feedback from our followers and do read all the comments that we receive. Where possible we will reply to comments and join in the conversation where we can. We cannot, however, respond individually to all the messages we receive.

To enter into official correspondence with us please visit the contact us section of our website for further details.

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