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Website audits

As a responsible advertiser you want the peace of mind of knowing that your own marketing communications on your own website are likely to comply with the advertising rules. CAP Website Audits are intended to do just that.

The Audits involve a dedicated and expert assessment of marketing communications on your website with a view to encouraging and promoting compliance with the advertising rules. With tips and tools to guide you online and offline, CAP Website Audits will help you to comply with the advertising rules now and in the future.

Website Audits identify:

In general terms

  • The parts of your website that are likely to feature marketing communications covered by the advertising rules;
  • The broad regulatory issues raised by marketing communications on your website e.g. price claims; health and nutrition claims; availability of goods or services; environmental claims; protection of under 18s and children etc
  • The sections of the CAP Code and CAP Guidance that are most relevant to the product or service you are providing and the types of claims you are making;
  • Relevant additional CAP Advice and Training e.g. forthcoming advice seminars.

In specific terms

  • Examples of marketing communications on your website that raise compliance issues under the CAP Code and, if relevant, advice from CAP’s Copy Advice team about how to amend them;
  • ASA adjudications or other information relevant to potential breaches of the CAP Code identified on your website;
  • For aftercare relating to the Audit, the name and contact details of the Copy Advice expert who has conducted the Audit.

View an example of a standard Copy Advice Website Audit (PDF).


We undertake a CAP Website Audit only after confirmation of the scope of your request and agreement about the final amount payable.

A standard Audit costs £960 (800 + VAT @20%) and takes up to 10 working days to complete. Non-standard requests that require more extensive use of our resources may be subject to an additional charge and/or additional time to complete.

Advertisers seeking advice on individual marketing communications on their website may continue to use CAP’s free or express Copy Advice service.   

CAP provides this premium service at a cost to regulate the number of these resource intensive enquiries and to ensure that CAP’s Copy Advice team is able to maintain its commitment to answering 90% of ad hoc, single issue enquiries in 24 hours. In line with better regulation principles, CAP’s Copy Advice will take account of the needs and circumstances of smaller regulated bodies in need of help and support in agreeing an appropriate charge for this service.

Although it is given by CAP Copy Advice team in good faith, advice does not bind CAP or the ASA, both of which might, for example, require you to provide evidence to substantiate your claims at a later date.  Please note also that CAP has a regulatory role for many types of marketing communications. Our independence would be compromised if we were to endorse products or services and our advice should never be used for such purposes. You should be aware that, although it is designed to reflect and complement the law, the CAP Code does not cover marketers’ legal or other obligations, which remain their responsibility. Copy Advice Website Audits do not constitute legal advice.

Please read the full terms and conditions for this service.

Request an Website audit email

Or you can call one of our advisers between 9 am and 5.30 pm on 020 7492 2100.

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