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Copy Advice Team

Copy Advice is an essential service for advertisers, agencies, media owners and media service providers who want to check how their prospective non-broadcast ads or multi-media concepts measure up against the UK Advertising Codes.

Our fast, free and confidential service can advise on any current campaigns you’re progressing, at any stage – although we suggest that you send us materials early in your production process. We can look at concepts, imagery and /or copy – or just discuss an idea. We’ll help you establish any potential issues before you spend costly time and resources taking them forward and proactively help you find solutions that will allow your advertising to achieve cut-through, but avoid complaints.

Pre-publication vetting by Copy Advice can save you:


Not only is the standard service FREE, using it can save you the expense of amending or withdrawing a campaign once it's out there. You can also get a fast 4 hour turnaround service at a reasonable fee, plus we offer a comprehensive bespoke paid for audit service for your Website.


Breaches of the ad rules and subsequent ASA investigations can eat up valuable time for both in-house and agency staff. It normally only takes 24 hours to get Copy Advice reassurance on whether or not your creative is compliant with the codes.

Reputation and Trust

Mistakes can damage your relationships with consumers, clients and even internally to say nothing of the negative publicity it can attract.

Face behind the name

Our team of highly trained advisers can offer an informed view of the likely acceptability of your non-broadcast marketing communications under the CAP Code. All our advisers have been trained to fully understand the CAP Code and how it is interpreted by the ASA. They keep abreast of complaints made to the ASA and the watchdog’s subsequent decisions, whether or not the ASA Council upheld the complaint. 

Please note: although it is given by the team in good faith, our advice is not binding on the ASA or CAP and our advisors do not give legal advice.

Contact our Copy Advice Team on 020 7492 2100, between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

  • David Hollis

    David studied Economics at The University of Hull before going to teach English in Japan and Spain.

    He joined the ASA in 2004 as a Complaints Handler before moving to the Investigations team, first as an Investigations Exec and then, in 2009, as Investigations Manager. He took over as Operations Manager for Copy Advice and Assistant Secretary to the General Media Panel (GMP) in 2014. You can contact David via the main line on 020 7492 2100.


    Laura Brown

    Laura studied Law at the University of Liverpool before spending a number of years handling liability claims in both the public and the private sector.  She joined the ASA as an Investigations Executive in 2012 and moved to the Copy Advice team two years later. Laura became the team’s Senior Executive in 2016.

    You can contact Laura on 020 7492 2272.


    Janet Newell

    Janet studied Communication Processes at the University of Humberside. She worked as a Case Officer for the premium rate regulator PhonepayPlus for nine years and joined the Copy Advice team in 2015 after spending six years working for the ASA’s Investigations Department.

    Janet specialises in Complementary Therapies & Alternative Health, Medicines & Medical devices, Healthcare and Property. You can contact Janet directly on 020 7492 2149.


    Jo Davis

    Jo joined the ASA in 2010 and spent five years working in the Complaints department, before joining the Copy Advice team in 2015.

    Jo specialises in giving advice relating to electronic cigarettes, beauty, weight control and travel marketing. You can contact Jo directly on 020 7492 2106.


    Justin Davis

    Justin studied Social and Cultural Theory at the University of Bristol before working in the public and private sector. He joined the ASA as a Complaints Executive in 2012, moving to the Copy Advice team three years later.

    Justin specialises in giving advice relating to the environment, betting & gaming and motoring. You can contact Justin directly on 020 7492 2154.

  • Emma Smith Copy Advice 

    Emma Smith

    Emma studied Law, specialising in Entertainment Law, at the University of Westminster before joining the ASA in 2011 as a Complaints Executive and becoming a Senior Complaints Executive in 2014.  She moved to Copy Advice on secondment in 2015.

    Emma specialises in giving advice relating to alcohol, harm & offence, social responsibility, weapons and remit.  You can contact Emma directly on 020 7492 2201.

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