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About us

About CAP

The Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) write and maintain the UK Advertising Codes, which are administered by the Advertising Standards Authority. We also offer the industry authoritative advice and guidance on how to create campaigns that comply with the rules.

In this section you can find out more about who we are and our role and performance.

  • Who we are 

    Who we are

    There are two industry committees responsible for writing and maintaining the Advertising Codes and they are assisted in their work by several industry Panels and an Executive. The Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice is also advised by a consumer panel.

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  • Our role 

    Our role

    Admired around the world for its creativity, the UK advertising industry sets the standard in successful self-regulation. Visit this section for more information on how the regulatory system works and the benefits of self-regulation. 

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    Our commitment to good regulation

    Find out more about the standards of good regulation you can expect from us and how to raise concerns with us about consistency in regulation.

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  • Sanctions 

    Sanctions and compliance

    We play an important role in ensuring that the Advertising Codes and upheld ASA rulings are followed. We monitor sectors and take action against advertisers who continue to break the rules. 

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  • Panels 

    Our experts

    We often uses experts and resources from other bodies to help advise us on certain matters relating to ads. This ensures consistency, transparency and clarification on subjects.

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  • Annual report 

    Annual Report

    In this section you can find our latest Annual Reports. If you’re interested in older reports, these are available in the news and resources section of the ASA website, including a full archive of Annual Reports back to 1961. 

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  • Funding 


    CAP is funded by an arm’s length levy on advertising space and a small amount of income raised from charging for some training seminars and premium advice services.

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  • Careers 


    CAP offers a wide range of roles from regulatory positions to those in business support. We are an equal opportunities employer and offer market competitive salaries and benefits.

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  • Industry Zone 

    Industry zone

    A secure zone for CAP Committee and Panel members and Ad Alerts subscribers. 

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Industry Zone

A secure zone for CAP Committee and Panel members and Ad Alerts subscribers.

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