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Latest news from CAP
4 April 2012



New Guidance on Commercial Tweets and "As Seen on TV"


In this issue the Copy Advice team provides guidance in the wake of two new key rulings by the ASA involving Twitter and "As seen on TV" claims.

Ad Tweets

Apparently when you feel a bit peckish, you can do things out of character. If you’re an avid tweeter, you might feel a sudden compulsion to tweet messages about a new-found love of knitting or share your views on EU fiscal policy. You might even be tempted to endorse a tasty chocolate bar full of nougat and peanuts. No problem with that, is there? Read more here.

"As seen on TV?"

Ever wondered where you can find that dress modelled on TV by Twiggy? Or that sofa coveted by your favourite interior designer on a homes make-over programme? Wouldn’t it be good if advertisers identified which goods had been “seen on TV”?  To find out more read here. 



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